Latest addition to the page – equivalent of “I live here” in Yiddish:



This list takes as its starting point a list of languages spoken in Queens extracted from the American Community Survey.

Get in touch or post a comment if you can help: with the translation of one of the languages listed here, the addition of a language, or – if you live in Queens – a short video of yourself or a friend saying “I live here” in one of them.

LanguageEstimated no.*Translation
Total Population2,212,142
African287 Each will be added separately when identified
Albanian5,406Unë jetoj këtu [video]
Aleut-Eskimo Languages16 Each will be added separately when identified
أنا أعيش هنا
Armenian2,002Ես ապրում եմ այստեղ
Bengali42,019 আমি এখানে থাকি [video]
Bulgarian1,631Аз живея тук
Burmese2,221  Phon. (Kyadaw Hmar Nay Dae) [video]
Catalan Jo visc aquí
Chinese97,317 我住在这里 [video]
Croatian4,728Ja živim ovdje [video]
Czech396Já žije tady
Danish27Jeg bor her
Dutch1,053 Ik woon hier
English1,042,533 (no. in Queens who speak only English or are less than 5 yrs old) I live here
EstonianMa elan siin
Finnish95Asun täällä
French12,623  J'habite ici
French Creole29,812
Fulani101  (phon.): saray am woney ha doh
German6,412  Ich lebe hier [video]
Greek29,737  Ζω εδώ [video]
Gujarati7,203હું અહીં રહેતા [video]
Haitian Creole
Hebrew9,933אני גר כאן
Hindi20,326मैं यहाँ रहते हैं [video]
Hungarian2,876 Itt élek [video]
India N.E.C.* (Not elsewhere classified)1,450
Indonesian3,176 Saya tinggal di sini
Irish Gaelic780 Tá me i mo chonaí anseo
Italian31,988 io vivo qui [video]
Jamaican Creole1,012A ya mi Liv
Japanese5,669Formal: 私はここに住みます / Informal: 私はここに住む
Korean57,317Formal: 전 여기 살아요 [video] / Informal: 난 여기 살아
Kru, Ibo, Yoruba7,135
Latvian115Es šeit dzīvoju
Lithuanian711Aš čia gyvenu
Macedonian285Jas Živejam Tuka
Malay475Saya tinggal di sini

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Mandarin44,445我住在这里 [video]
Mauritian CreoleMo reste ici
Mon-Khmer, Cambodian38
Nepali4,813 [video]
Other Asian Languages4,666Each will be added separately when identified
Other Indo-European Languages836 Each will be added separately when identified
Other Pacific Island Languages108 Each will be added separately when identified
Other Specified African Languages201 Each will be added separately when identified
Other Specified North American Indian Languages436 Each will be added separately when identified
Pakistan N.E.C.* (Not elsewhere classified)606
من اینجا زندگی میکنم
Polish23,926 Mieszkam tu [video]
Portuguese7,232 Eu moro aqui
Rapa Nui
Romanian7,108Eu trăiesc aici
Russian35,398Я здесь живу
Serbian2,071Ja živim ovde [video]
South/Central American Indian Languages297Each will be added separately when identified
Spanish495,437 Vivo aquí [video]
Swedish206Jag bor här
Tagalog32,348  Dito ako nakatira [video]
Tamil2,625நான் இங்கே வாழ
Telugu1,187నేను ఇక్కడ నివసిస్తున్నారు
Thai3,209 [video]
TibetanFigure not available
Turkish2,427Ben burada yaşıyorum
Ukrainian2,189Я тут живу
میں یہاں رہتا ہوں
Vietnamese2,978Tôi sống ở đây
VisayaDinhi ako nakapuyo
YorubaFigure not availablemo n gbe nibi

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    • Thank you – have sent you an email. If you can email me the written words and ideally attach a video clip (webcam / smartphone etc. is fine), that would be great, many thanks!

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  9. Annabel,

    My name is Tom Baker -I work for the New York Daily News in our Queens borough office. Would you call me there? (718) 793-3328.

    Thank you


  10. Thank you! I’ve now added those two to the chart. And if you live in Queens and would like to make a few-second video of yourself saying the words in Korean and/or Japanese please do – see “Get Involved”.

  11. The Korean version you one you guys have right now is in informal speech; here’s the formal version, in case you’re interested: 전 여기 살아요. 🙂

    Also, here’s the way to say it in Japanese:
    Formal: 私はここに住みます。
    Informal: 私はここに住む.

    cool website!

  12. The Bengali one is missing one word. I don’t have the Bengali font right now. I will try to send you the correct one later if you want.


    Ferdaus Ahmed

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