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“I live here” in Albanian, Italian, Macedonian

“I live here” in Albanian, Italian, Macedonian

At Trattoria L’Incontro restaurant in Ditmars, Astoria, I gathered the words for “I live here” in Albanian, Italian and Macedonian.  The owner also spoke about four other languages, but for those I had already found out how “I live here” (or its closest equivalent) is said.  I’m finding that the further I get into this project, the more I have to hunt for the remaining languages.  There are many more to go though.  Get in touch if you live in Queens and speak a language other than English – together we will reach 160!

Albanian: “Unë jetoj këtu”

Italian: “io vivo qui”

Macedonian: Jas živejam tuka

No video – yet!

And a reminder that you can follow the progress of the “I live here” mural project on social media too.  Join in on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.