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“I live here” in Malay and Jamaican creole – and a mural in Flushing

“I live here” in Malay and Jamaican creole – and a mural in Flushing

Two updates to this site:

“I live here” in Jamaican creole is “A ya mi liv“.

In Malay, it’s: “Saya tinggal di sini‘.

On Saturday I went to Flushing, where a group of students from Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in Astoria and local volunteers were painting a new mural.  The artist leading the project is Lady Pink, who has painted a fair share of murals.  As a teenager in the early eighties she painted NYC subway cars – one of the only girls in a male-dominated environment – and at the same time started exhibiting in galleries.  She hasn’t looked back since then: see this recent interview with her in Huffington Post.

Here are some photos of the mural-painting in Flushing.  It’s on the wall of Asia Bank at 135-32 40th Road, facing the walkway to the LIRR Flushing Station so it will be the first thing people see when they come down off the train into the neighborhood.

It is not the first mural in Flushing.  In 1982 Eva Cockroft painted “The Flushing Mural” in a pedestrian underpass.  By 2001 it was scrawled with graffiti.  No mural lives forever.




Lady Pink

Local residents watch the proceedings

Local residents watch the proceedings



An illustration showing what the completed mural will look like